9/23/15Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio, 02240170A644 (M-C)/651 (M-R)/669 (M-FC)/677 (M-F)
9/23/15European Small-Cap Capital Strength Portfolio, 00440170A685 (M-C)/693 (M-R)/701 (M-FC)/719 (M-F)
9/23/15MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 01140170A727 (M-C)/735 (M-R)/743 (M-FC)/750 (M-F)
10/1/15Dow 10 Portfolio, 02340170A800 (M-C)/818 (M-R)/826 (M-FC)/834 (M-F)
10/1/15International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 02940169X787 (M-C)/795 (M-R)/803 (M-FC)/811 (M-F)
10/1/15Quality Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 01440169X746 (M-C)/753 (M-R)/761 (M-FC)/779 (M-F)
10/1/15Zacks Rank Strong Buy 50 Strategy Portfolio, 00540170A842 (M-C)/859 (M-R)/867 (M-FC)/875 (M-F)
10/6/15Enhanced Quality 16 Strategy Portfolio, 00140169N805 (M-C)/813 (M-R)/821 (M-FC)/839 (M-F)
10/7/15Strategic Income Portfolio (15-Month), 08840169X100 (M-C)/118 (M-R)/126 (M-FC)/134 (M-F)
10/13/15Secular Growth Portfolio (AVAILABLE THROUGH MORGAN STANLEY ADVISORS ONLY), 00340170B782 (M-C)/790 (M-R)/808 (M-FC)/816 (M-F)
10/14/15Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 02240169X142 (M-C)/159 (M-R)/167 (M-FC)/175 (M-F)
10/15/15Alternative Income Portfolio, 00540169X183 (M-C)/191 (M-R)/209 (M-FC)/217 (M-F)
10/15/15Financials Portfolio, 00540169X225 (M-C)/233 (M-R)/241 (M-FC)/258 (M-F)
10/15/15US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio , 01840169X308 (M-C)/316 (M-R)/324 (M-FC)/332 (M-F)
10/15/15US SMID High Dividend Portfolio , 01840169X266 (M-C)/274 (M-R)/282 (M-FC)/290 (M-F)
10/20/15S&P Dividend Aristocrats Select 25 Strategy Portfolio, 00140169X829 (M-C)/837 (M-R)/845 (M-FC)/852 (M-F)
10/21/15Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 01340169X340 (M-C)/357 (M-R)/365 (M-FC)/373 (M-F)
10/21/15REIT Portfolio, 01340169X381 (M-C)/399 (M-R)/407 (M-FC)/415 (M-F)
10/21/15Multinational Titans Portfolio, 00940169X423 (M-C)/431 (M-R)/449 (M-FC)/456 (M-F)
10/21/15Precious Metals & Miners Portfolio, 00940169X464 (M-C)/472 (M-R)/480 (M-FC)/498 (M-F)
10/22/15European Capital Strength & Hedged Currency Portfolio, 00340169X506 (M-C)/514 (M-R)/522 (M-FC)/530 (M-F)
10/22/15Global Growth Portfolio, 00440169X589 (M-C)/597 (M-R)/605 (M-FC)/613 (M-F)
10/22/15Multi-Asset Global Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 00340169X548 (M-C)/555 (M-R)/563 (M-FC)/571 (M-F)
10/22/15Rising Rate Defensive Equity Portfolio, 00440169X621 (M-C)/639 (M-R)/647 (M-FC)/654 (M-F)
10/22/15US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 00640169X662 (M-C)/670 (M-R)/688 (M-FC)/696 (M-F)
10/28/15Technology Portfolio, 01740169X704 (M-C)/712 (M-R)/720 (M-FC)/738 (M-F)
11/2/15US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 01340169N847 (M-C)/854 (M-R)/862 (M-FC)/870 (M-F)
9/23/15Diversified Dividend & Income Portfolio, 01840168F506 (M-C)/514 (M-R)/522 (M-FC)/530 (M-F)
9/23/15MLP & Energy Funds Portfolio, 00340168F548 (M-C)/555 (M-R)/563 (M-FC)/571 (M-F)
9/23/15Technological Innovation Portfolio, 00140168H627 (M-C)/635 (M-R)/643 (M-FC)/650 (M-F)
10/1/15Dow 10 Portfolio, 01840167X326 (M-C)/334 (M-R)/342 (M-FC)/359 (M-F)
10/1/15Global Dow 30 Portfolio, 00640167X367 (M-C)/375 (M-R)/383 (M-FC)/391 (M-F)
10/1/15International Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 02440167X409 (M-C)/417 (M-R)/425 (M-FC)/433 (M-F)
10/1/15Quality Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 00940167X441 (M-C)/458 (M-R)/466 (M-FC)/474 (M-F)
10/7/15Strategic Income Portfolio (15-Month), 07840168L248 (M-C)/255 (M-R)/263 (M-FC)/271 (M-F)
10/14/15Convertible & Income Portfolio of Funds, 01840168H106 (M-C)/114 (M-R)/122 (M-FC)/130 (M-F)
10/14/15Multiple Asset Portfolio Plus, 04740168H148 (M-C)/155 (M-R)/163 (M-FC)/171 (M-F)
10/14/15Strategic Income Portfolio, 07940168H189 (M-C)/197 (M-R)/205 (M-FC)/213 (M-F)
10/15/15US High Dividend Strategy Portfolio , 01340168L487 (M-C)/495 (M-R)/503 (M-FC)/511 (M-F)
10/15/15US SMID High Dividend Portfolio , 01340168L446 (M-C)/453 (M-R)/461 (M-FC)/479 (M-F)
10/21/15REIT Portfolio, 00940168H304 (M-C)/312 (M-R)/320 (M-FC)/338 (M-F)
10/22/15US 50 Dividend Strategy Portfolio, 00140169A308 (M-C)/316 (M-R)/324 (M-FC)/332 (M-F)
10/28/15Alternative Income Portfolio, 00140168H742 (M-C)/759 (M-R)/767 (M-FC)/775 (M-F)
10/28/15Financials Portfolio, 00140168H783 (M-C)/791 (M-R)/809 (M-FC)/817 (M-F)
10/28/15Balanced Income Builder Portfolio, 00540168H544 (M-C)/551 (M-R)/569 (M-FC)/577 (M-F)
10/28/15Multinational Titans Portfolio, 00540168H429 (M-C)/437 (M-R)/445 (M-FC)/452 (M-F)
10/28/15Precious Metals & Miners Portfolio, 00540168H460 (M-C)/478 (M-R)/486 (M-FC)/494 (M-F)
10/28/15Technology Portfolio, 01240168B240 (M-C)/257 (M-R)/265 (M-FC)/273 (M-F)
10/28/15Technology Portfolio, 01340168H700 (M-C)/718 (M-R)/726 (M-FC)/734 (M-F)
10/28/15US Housing Recovery Portfolio, 00240168H502 (M-C)/510 (M-R)/528 (M-FC)/536 (M-F)
11/2/15US Low Volatility Strategy Portfolio, 00840168L701 (M-C)/719 (M-R)/727 (M-FC)/735 (M-F)

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